Blue Pen Proofreading Is Open For Business!!!

It’s Opening Day!

I am so excited to announce that Blue Pen Proofreading is Open For Business!!! I’d love to help you save time and money by proofreading your book manuscripts, short stories, essays, term papers, advertisements, blog posts, resumes, and lots more.

Are you an author?

I would love to proofread your book manuscript, short story, cover art, etc. I’m a book blogger too, so I’d also love to review your book after I proofread it. Use code review5 to get $5 off your proofreading if I also review your book.

Are you a blogger?

I have the solution for you! Join the all-you-can-proofread buffet and send me all your blog posts, tweets, facebook posts, etc. all month long for $80/month (Up to 8,000 words, then $10 for every 1,000 words after that.)

Are you a student?

Don’t risk a poor grade on your essay or term paper! Let me proofread it for you so you can earn the best grade possible!

Are you a business?

Do you have ads or brochures, menus, letters, etc.? I would love to save you time and money by proofreading those for you! Don’t let an incorrectly placed decimal point or misspelled word cost you money!

Are you working on something personally?

Do you want to update a resume or send a letter? I can proofread any personal documents as well! I’ll help you to show your best self!

For Services and Prices, see my Shop Page.

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