Help! Is it Everyday or Every day?

Everyday vs Every day

This morning on Instagram I saw a post highlighting a sign that used everyday incorrectly. Aw yes, the confusion continues–everyday vs every day. I know it can be confusing! They look and sound similar, but don’t let them fool you! They are used in different ways. 


The word everyday is defined as: encountered or used routinely or typically: ordinary. It is an adjective, and it answers the question “what kind?” One example would be:

This morning I followed my everyday routine.


My everyday chores include sweeping the floor and making dinner.

Remember that everyday is an adjective, so it will be describing something.

everyday clothes; everyday schedule; everyday route; everyday meals; everyday monotony. 

Every day:

The phrase every day is defined as: when something happens each day. It’s an adverbial phrase and answers the question “when?” Just try replacing it with each day; if it fits then you’re using it correctly. One example would be:

Every day I go for a run.


Every day during the summer my kids read for 30 minutes.

Remember that every day can be replaced by each day.

Every day the sunset is different; Every day I like to write in my journal; Every day my kids want to go swimming.

Ok, let’s try a few and see if you can figure out the correct word to use.

  1. My __________ run makes me feel so strong.
  2. __________ I try to eat healthy.
  3. What is your __________ routine?
  4. What do your kids need to do __________ ?
  5. It helps to make a habit of your __________ reading.
  6. __________ my husband goes to work.
  7. We swam in the lake __________ of our vacation.
  8. You need to brush your teeth __________ !
  9. Why is my neighbor’s dog’s barking an __________ thing?
  10. __________ I ask my kids to do their __________ chores. Why do I need to ask __________? They should know it’s an __________ thing.


Okay, how’d you do?

  1. everyday
  2. Every day
  3. everday
  4. every day
  5. everyday
  6. Every day
  7. every day
  8. every day
  9. everyday
  10. Every day, everyday, every day, everyday

Whew! You made it! Congratulations! You are now an everyday vs every day expert!

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