Fewer vs Less: What’s The Difference?

Fewer vs Less

Fewer vs Less: What’s the Difference?

The words fewer and less are two commonly misused words. Even though they don’t look or sound the same, many people use them incorrectly. Don’t get confused! In this blog post: Fewer vs Less: What’s the Difference, I’ll give you a few tips to help you understand the difference.


The word fewer is defined as: a smaller number of persons or things. One example would be:

There are fewer students in the halls today.


The recipe made fewer cookies today than it did last time.

Hint: Use fewer when you discuss things you can count.

rocks, scissors, flowers, dogs, chairs, houses, cows, cars, people, proofreaders


The word less is defined as: of reduced size, extent, or degree; more limited in quantity. One example would be:

We have less time today than we did yesterday.


Why does that house cost so much less money than the other one?

Hint: Use less when you discuss things you cannot count.

time, water, honey, flour, love, carpet, air, snow, shopping, dirt, grass, syrup, ink

Pop Quiz

Ok, let’s try a few and see if you can figure out the correct word to use.

  1.  I’m going to the “15 items or  __________” checkout lane.
  2. There’s so much __________ time to play these days.
  3. There are __________ cats than dogs.
  4. He earns __________ money than she does.
  5. Next time put __________ honey on your toast.
  6. My town has  __________ citizens than your town does.
  7. Our mountains received __________ snow this year than last year.
  8. My garden has __________ weeds now, because I weeded all morning.
  9. She earned __________ medals than he did.
  10. There’s __________ time to relax in the summer; we need to schedule __________ activities and spend __________  money on time wasters.

How’d you do? Check your answers:

  1. fewer
  2. less
  3. fewer
  4. less
  5. less
  6. fewer
  7. less
  8. fewer
  9. fewer
  10. less, fewer, less

Whew! You made it! Congratulations! You are now an expert of fewer and less!

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